Netgear EXT 7000 Extender Setup

Netgear EXT 7000 Extender Setup EX7000

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Netgear ext 7000 extender |


processor gives maximum performance for Wi-Fi. It has 3 external antennas for providing good signal strength. It also uses Fast Lane technology.

For an extender that works in a normal mode, it allows devices to connect on both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz band at the same time which thereby reduces Wi-Fi performance and gives less signal strength. So, now here comes the concept of Fast Lane Technology which provides good Wi-Fi performance as in this case it has a dedicated band that connects the extender with the Wi-Fi devices {laptops, smartphones, etc.} and the other band is for connecting the extender with Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi modem.

Setting up Desktop AC Wi-Fi range extender

Unbox the extender and connect antennas to it and plug the extender to the electric socket. For doing a perfect installation it’s better to complete the basic steps in the same area where your router is present. To begin with, the first check if there is any WPS button on the front or back of your router.

Suppose you have the WPS button so follow the below guidelines:

Press the WPS button on both extender and Wi-Fi router and then the corresponding Link Rate LED’S{Fig-a} will become solid green which means we have established a good connection between extender and router.

In case your Wi-Fi router supports a 5GHz band or more than in that case repeat the WPS process again. Now remove the extender and plug it in a place where it is halfway from the router and the area where you are getting weak signal strength. The location should be at least in range of existing router Wi-Fi network.reen. The router link LED will help us to choose the location where the router extender connectivity is good.

If the router link LED is amber or solid green so that is the best location from where we will get good signals. But if in case the LED lights are red then try to plug the extender closer to the router because by doing this it will improve the connection but will thereby reduce the extender coverage. So, by following these steps you will find a good location for the extender

Below is the snapshot which shows us the Link Rate LED.


Now connect your device by using the new network name. The extender will use the existing Wi-Fi name of your router and will just add underscore 2GEXT and 5GEXT in the end of the Wi-Fi name. Below is the snapshot for your reference in { Fig-b}


Please ensure the Wi-Fi password should be the same as the password of your router. If in case it is not getting connected and device to extender LED {in fig-a: the arrow sign indicates the same}is not getting lid up due to poor Wi-Fi signal now, in this case, bring the device closer to the extender until the device to extender LED turn amber or solid green.

If still there is an issue in connectivity try using a power line as desktop AC Wi-Fi range extender has 5GB Ethernet ports so we can A.C enable our wired devices like game consoles, T.V, desktops, etc. For getting more information on the extender interface we will consider this URL-

On the above-mentioned URL we would be able to control the range of WI-FI by using Coverage Control option which is on the left side of {Fig-c} and even it speeds up our connection by using Fast Line option mentioned

By following all these steps you would be able to set up your Desktop A.C Wi-Fi range extender.