Netgear EXT 6150 Extender

Netgear EXT 6150 Extender Setup

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Netgear AC 1200 EX 6150 extender supports dual band ,and it works on 802.11 ac band , netgear ex 6150 extender dual band extender is equipped with external antennas and it supports fast lane technology , netgear ex 6150 extender is best known to cover dead zone areas of your home location , netgear ex 6150 is best for large homes or office locations ,it provides speeds upto 1200 mbps, netgear ex 6150 gigabit port can be used to connect streaming devices like smart tv , playstation or x box.


To access netgear ex 6150 login page ,launch a web browser and type or in address bar of your browser , alogin screen will appear ,use default username as admin and password as password ,alternatively you can use ip address .


To avoid frequent wireless disconnection process, netgear recommends to update extender firmware on regular basis ,netgear extender firmware can be downloaded from netgear support website , netgear extender ex 6150 firmware version fixes security vulnerability and it also fixes frequent disconnection issues problem , netgear ex 6150 firmware can be downloaded from netgear support site , to update netgear extender firmware open a web browser and type in address bar of your browser and use default username as admin and password as password >>click on maintenance option >>then click on firmware update option >>to update netgear extender firmware . Note:
Netgear ex 6150 firmware can be downloaded from netgear download centre , netgear extender lights will flash ,and after 2 minutes will turn solid again , in some cases netgear extender may get restored to factory default after successful firmware update , in such cases ,reconfigure netgear extender again using default web address
Cross site forgery and xss scripting attacks can be reduced by updating netgear extender firmware ,cross ite forgery happens when your browsers permits some special trust values , suppose you are logged into social networking websites or any login websites which requires your login access , attacker can send virus logs using a link which you might click or a download file link ,to block cross site forgery ,its recommended to logout from websites which you are not using at one particular moment, Netgear recommends to update extender firmware to block xss scripting attacks .

5GHZ Network name ssid not working or not displaying while configuring netgear extender :

While configuring netgear extender , you might not be able to see 5ghz network name ssid of your host router ,this problem occurs if your extender is not dfs certified ,dfs certified routers have channels from 40 to 100 , make sure that your base host router is dfs certified to ensure netgear extender 5ghz bandwidth can work with host router , you might face intermittent connection issues or you might face disconnection issues , to fix this issues login to your router login page ,change channel of 5ghz frequency to 48 or any value between 40 to 100 , hen reconfigure netgear range extender using classic web address or ip address


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  • / login to netgear extender

Connect an Ethernet-Enabled Device

If you connect a wired device to the extender using an Ethernet cable after the establishment of the connection between extender and Wifi network then that device is able to access the existing network through the Wifi connection of the extender.
After installing the extender, you are able to change the settings of the extender by log in to the extender. There are proper steps on how to login after installation.