Q: Installation setup wizard asks for wifi router password again and again :

Soln: Make sure your extender is placed close to base host router during the setup process, if your router security type is wep ,make sure it is correct ,else reset netgear extender to factory default and then try login website www.mywifiext.net again to access and reconfigure extender .

Q:Is it possible to extend host router guest network with netgear extender ?

Soln: it is possible to extend host router guest network with netgear extender .

Q: Computer is connected with netgear_ext network name ssid ,but netgear extender is not connecting to internet & mywifiext.net login page is not opening ?

Soln:Make sure your computer network adapters are selected on dhcp ,not static ip address ,open cmd>>type ipconfig to check ip address of netgear extender ,default ip is , if you are getting invalid ip address ,try reseting the extender to factory default ,then try www.mywifiext.net to access netgear extender login page .

Q:What is default username and password to access http://www.mywifiext.net webpage ?

Soln: Default username: admin
Password: password.

Q:Entered wrong wep security key and extender is not connecting to wifi devices ?

Soln: Netgear extender cannot check whether wifi key is correct or not( correct wep passphrase ),in this case your netgear extender will not connect with wifi devices ,in such cases try resetingnetgear extender to factory defaults ,then try reconfiguring extender using classic web address www.mywifiext.net.

Q:Netgear extender compatibility issues with netgear genie app?

Soln:Netgear extenders are not compatible with netgear genie app,to access or change settings of your netgear range extender login to your extender page using url www.mywifiext.net , netgear genie is compatible with ac series and wndr series netgear routers only.

Q:My router security is WEP, and I entered the wrong passphrase or security key on the extender. I cannot access the extender anymore. What can I do?

Soln:The extender cannot check to see if the WEP passphrase is correct. If you entered the wrong passphrase, your wireless device is not able to get the IP address from the extender. You must reset the extender to the factory defaults to get the IP address back.

Q:I have completed the Installation Wizard, but my wireless devices cannot get the IP address from the extender. What should I do?

Soln:Make sure that the passphrase you entered on your wireless device is correct, and power cycle the extender and your router. If your device is still not able to get the IP address:

Move the extender closer to your router, and move your wireless device closer to the extender.
Disable the wireless interface and enable it again to see if your wireless device can get the IP address.
If your router has a MAC filter (wireless access control), disable it and follow the FAQ to add the device’s MAC address to your router.

Q:What can I do if the repeater disconnects when connecting to the main router during setup?

Soln:Try to change the wireless settings of the main router. You can also try re-flashing the firmware of the router and the extender..

Q:My NETGEAR WiFi extender won’t connect to my BT Home Hub using WPS, am I doing something wrong?

Soln:The “Wireless Association” technology being used by BT Home Hub 2 is different from the WPS of the NETGEAR extender. BT Home Hub 2’s “Wireless Association” button is not for WiFi WPS, but for the association with a DECT phone. If you are using a BT Home Hub 3, it does have a “Wireless WPS” button. However, WPS was disabled by default on BT Home Hub 3. For more information, visit https://community.bt.com/t5/Other-Broadband-Queries/BT-Home-Hub-3-WPS-Not-available/td-p/544533.

Q:I am unable to connect my WiFi device to my WiFi Extender using manual setup (not using push button) after running WPS push button (PBC) to connect extender to router successfully. Is there a workaround?

Soln:During the initial connection stages, the gateway generates a different WPS implementation which may cause wireless devices to be unable to connect to the WIFI Extender. If you are unable to connect to your Extender, see Unable to connect my NETGEAR WiFi Extender using manual setup

Q:Why do I need to always have the latest firmware on my NETGEAR product?

Soln:Having the latest firmware will help increase the stability, functionality and performance of your product. The new and most up-to-date firmware will likely correct issues as well as potentially add new and improved features to the product.

Q:Can I use the genie app to setup and configure my Range Extender?

Soln:No, at this time, the genie app does not support Range Extender setup. The genie app allows you to easily monitor, connect, and control your home network from a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

Q:My Router security is WEP, can I use WPS method to connect my Range Extender to my Router network?

Soln:WPS supports WPA/WPA2 security, if your Router is using WEP security you will need to walk through the Extender Genie setup.

Q:Can I add more than one Range Extender to my Router network?

Soln:You can have more than one Extender connection to your Router network, however you cannot daisy chain your additional Extenders. Daisy chaining is not officially supported and will affect performance for client devices connected to the second Extender in the chain.

Q:How to add more than one extender with same network?

Soln:You can connect multiple extenders with same host router , it is not possible to connect netgear extender with another extender ,daisy networking is not supported in case of netgear ac series extenders , but you can configure multiple netgear range extenders with same host router using web address mywifiext.net and then you can assign different static ip address to your extenders.


NETGEAR EX 7300 -Default login : www.mywifiext.net

NETGEAR EX 7000-Default login : www.mywifiext.net

NETGEAR EX 6900-Default login : www.mywifiext.net

NETGEAR EX 2700-Default login : www.mywifiext.net

NETGEAR EX 3000-Default login : www.mywifiext.net

NETGEAR WN2000 RPT-Default login : www.mywifiext.net

NETGEAR EX 6900-Default login : www.mywifiext.net




In order to reset any netgear range extender , use a paper pin or clip , press & hold reset button for 10 seconds, extender lights will flash momentarily , wait for the lights to be solid white , then try www.mywifiextnet.in to access netgear extender login page